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Soklich Argyle Diamond Jewellery


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‘On one of the hottest January days of the summer of 1954, the Soklich family arrived on the shores of Fremantle. Weeks earlier, they were living high in the Slovenian Alps where temperatures were often well below -10˚C.’

After arriving in Perth the Soklich family almost immediately became involved with gems in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and over the years mined for gems and later developed an overseas cutting and polishing factory in the 70’s. At the time the also began to develop jewellery making.

In the eighties the family moved its operation back to Australia to focus on producing uniguely Australian pieces using Australian gems, precious metals, Australian labour and talent. 

Today Soklich & Co thrives as an outstanding company producing pieces of jewellery using the most precious and special materials and gems drawing on a great Australian story.

The Perth Mint Australia offers a collection of unique pieces created for them by Soklich & Co. featuring rare natural gold nuggets along with Western Australian Argyle diamonds – pieces that echo the rich history of gold and gem mining in Western Australia of which the The Perth Mint has been a historic part.

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