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Kailis Pearls

Kailis Pearls ~ Naturally Australian ~ at The Perth Mint


goldsilvercoinsandbullion_PM-kailisjewellery_s_180413Kailis Australian Pearls produce pearl jewellery using premium quality South Sea pearls grown in the waters of the remote northwest coast of Western Australia. Each natural pearl is carefully graded and selected and presented in its perfect, natural untreated state.

Hand selection of Kailis Pearls is based on the five criteria of natural lustre, shape, size, colour and surface quality. You are assured of the best that is produced by nature in pristine Australian waters.

Only those pearls that satisfy stringent selection criteria are honoured with the Kailis Australian Pearls label and a Certificate of Authenticity

The Perth Mint presents a selection of beautiful and timeless elegance – items that can be delivered perfectly packaged to your door, ready to give as a gift of love or an item to treasure for a lifetime.

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