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Perth Mint Silver Coins

Perth Mint Silver Coins


Australian Silver Coins and coins of Commonwealth island countries are produced by The Perth Mint in a wide variety of themes, weights and shapes.  The coins produces by the mint are created as limited edition minting runs and are keenly sort by investors and collectors to add to their portfolios.  

Themes that The Perth Mint explores in minting special coins focus largely on Australian culture, animals and places but the mint does not limit itself solely to Australian themes. Other themes form part of the collection including Disney, popular television series as part of popular culture, Chinese lunar year animals and more.

Innovation in Designing Australian Silver Coins

The Perth Mint is one of the most innovative coinage mints operating in the world today. Designs feature special shapes, such as map coins, and different  finishing methods to produce a stunning variety of highly attractive, luxuriously coin creations.

Specialist colour printing and even embedded or encapsulated precious materials, such as precious stones, are a feature of some coins produced by the mint as part of the themes explored.

Availability of Coins Produced by the Perth Mint


The best place to buy coins produced by The Perth Mint is from The Perth Mint website. You can connect directly to the site from any image featured in the galleries below.

The galleries shown on this page, and also the Australian Gold Coins and Australian Platinum Coins pages that feature coins from The Perth Mint, show only coins those that are currently available on the Perth Mint website.

Some coins in a series sell out quickly and you will find that some coins in a series are shown as unavailable on the Perth Mint website.

The Amazon pages on this site will feature a special section for Perth Mint coin editions that are sold out at The Perth Mint. Some coins that are no longer available do appear on Amazon and can be purchased on Amazon for those collectors wishing to complete a series or set. 

Silver Coins Available From The Perth Mint

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Coins of Historic Royalty

Coins of Contemporary Royalty


Australians at War

Australian Silver Decimal Currency

Australian, History, Work & Culture

World Culture, Treasures & Traditions

Australian Landscape, Weather & Seasons

Australian Animals

Australian Birds

Australian Reptiles & Amphibians

Australian Insect & Arachnid Life

Australian Marine Life

Australian Antarctic Territory

Australian Extinct animals and Birds

Other World Animals

Chinese Lunar Year Animals

Mythical Gods & Creatures

Popular Culture

Treasures of the World

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