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Perth Mint Gold Coins

Perth Mint Gold Coins 

Australian Gold Coins are today produced at two mints, The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra and The Perth Mint.


The Australian Nugget 1oz Gold Coin

The mint in Canberra is the primary minting facility for Australian coinage in general circulation. It produces a limited and small quantity of precious metal coins in comparison to the older Perth Mint in Western Australia.

The Perth Mint specialises in producing a wide range of precious metal coins and bullion products highly valued and sort after by investors and collectors around the world.

The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has a long and well established history and expertise producing special coinage.  

At its inception in 1899, it was set up as a branch of the Royal Mint to produce gold sovereigns for the British Empire.

The Perth Mint has a history of great experience in minting high level precious coinage and is internationally regarded and accredited for the weight and purity of metals in all the products it produces.

Today the Perth Mint produces a wide range of collector coins for Australia and various Commonwealth island countries.  Sort after, innovative and beautiful coins are minted in various themes that add variety and increased value to investor collections and are anticipated for their unique and beautiful designs. 

Australian Gold Coins Available From The Perth Mint

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