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COINWATCH ~ Australian, British and New Zealand Coins 


Coinwatch was founded in Australia in 1984 and is now headquartered in Switzerland, the quality and precision watch making centre of the world.

Coinwatch timepieces are made by master watch craftsman and have at their core a superb Swiss-made movement, each produced by Swiss watchmaker artisan.


‘Coinwatch produces timepieces  by merging coins with special designs, historical and commemoratory values as dials with practical time-telling functions to remind their wearers of that particular moment.

The company’s growth in international popularity rested not only on the combination of elegant designs and unique values of the coins, but also the endorsements from national mints around the world. With that, Coinwatch was authorized to manufacture timepieces imbedded with local values and national characteristics, thanks to the currency dials, which have been well-received by local markets.’



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Baselworld 2016 – Switzerland – Coinwatch International Showcase

COINWATCH ~ Australian Coins

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Superb Precision Swiss-Made Movements

COINWATCH ~ New Zealand Coins

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