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Australian Mint Coins

Australian Mint Coins are produced by two surviving mints in Australia, The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra, ACT and The Perth Mint Australia  in Western Australia.

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_perthmintEven though each mint produces precious metal coinage, the bulk of gold, silver and platinum coins are produced by The Perth Mint  which also mints coins for other Commonwealth island countries, such as Tuvalu.

The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra primarily mints coins for general circulation and only produces a small quantity of precious metal collector coins by comparison.

The Perth Mint Australia was established in 1899 as a branch of Britain’s Royal Mint with its main role being to produce gold sovereign coins for the British Empire from the large amount of gold being produced in the Western Australian eastern gold fields.

The Perth Mint continues to this day to produce coins and bullion from the precious metals mined in Western Australia.

Refining Precious Metals, Minting Coins and Bullion

Perth Mint Foundation Stone

  Perth Mint Foundation Stone

The Perth Mint is owned by the Western Australian Government and operates the production of coinage at the historic mint site.

The mint also operates a refining facility producing precious metals, such as gold and silver, from mining, industrial scrap materials, jeweller’s scrap and other materials.

The Perth Mint’s exacting technical experience and capacity to produce refined metals to the highest standard is recognised globally.

Metal exchanges around the world have accredited the standards to which the mint produces refined metals.

Precious metal coinage and bullion produced by the Perth Mint is accepted and trusted to meet the most rigorous global standards of purity and weight.

The Perth Mint’s bar mark is an assurance of exacting quality that is trusted by investors and collectors worldwide.

Minted Coins for Collectors and Investorsgoldsilvercoinsandbullion_perth-mint-display

The Perth Mint operates as the specialist mint in Australia for precious metal coinage creates a large range of collector coins in gold, silver and platinum.

The mint still also produces gold sovereigns today in the form of the Australia Sovereign.

Coins produced are minted in different weights up to 1 kilo and in different theme categories. 

Some coins minted feature colour printing to create exceptionally beautiful and vivid designs.

The mint offers historic coins as well as newly minted coins in the Mint’s online shop. 

Special Jewellery and Gifts at The Perth Mint Online Shop with Free Shipping

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_free-shipping-$400As well as special coins, other products are offered by the online Perth Mint shop including a range of jewellery items featuring the famed and rare Argyle pink diamonds and Kailis Australian pearls.

The Perth Mint website shop offers a rich online shopping experience for the investor, collector or simply for a very unique gift.

Purchases online over $400 in value attract free worldwide online shipping and insurance to your door.

The Perth Mint Australia

Perth Mint Pages


Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery

Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery ~ The Perth Mint Blush Pink Diamonds   ‘Blush Pink Diamond jewellery is crafted from 18ct gold with a exquisite blend of fine white diamonds Australian natural pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, located in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. These pink diamonds are the rarest & most precious diamonds …


Bowerbird Jewellery

Bowerbird Jewellery ~ at The Perth Mint     Bowerbird Jewellery, Inspired by both the fragility and strength of nature, The Perth Mint is now offering a beautiful range of delicate pieces from the Bowerbird collection by designer Renee Evans. “The range is comprised of this eclectic compilation of feathers, insects and natural wonders.. It’s made with …

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_PM-kailisjewellery-narrowshot_h01_180413 copy

Kailis Pearls

Kailis Pearls ~ Naturally Australian ~ at The Perth Mint Kailis Australian Pearls produce pearl jewellery using premium quality South Sea pearls grown in the waters of the remote northwest coast of Western Australia. Each natural pearl is carefully graded and selected and presented in its perfect, natural untreated state. Hand selection of Kailis Pearls is …

Perth Mint Coin Watch

Coin Watch ~ The Perth Mint    COINWATCH ~ Australian, British and New Zealand Coins    Coinwatch was founded in Australia in 1984 and is now headquartered in Switzerland, the quality and precision watch making centre of the world. Coinwatch timepieces are made by master watch craftsman and have at their core a superb Swiss-made movement, …


Perth Mint Gold Coins

Perth Mint Gold Coins  Australian Gold Coins are today produced at two mints, The Royal Australian Mint in Canberra and The Perth Mint. The mint in Canberra is the primary minting facility for Australian coinage in general circulation. It produces a limited and small quantity of precious metal coins in comparison to the older Perth Mint …


Perth Mint Platinum Coins

Perth Mint Platinum Coins Australian Platinum Coins at The Perth Mint are released in stunning designs and very limited minting runs.  These special coins and collector ingots stand out as exceptional among the coins produced by the mint. Two unique coins are offered: an Australian koala design celebrating the first release of a platinum coin …


Perth Mint Silver Coins

Perth Mint Silver Coins Australian Silver Coins and coins of Commonwealth island countries are produced by The Perth Mint in a wide variety of themes, weights and shapes.  The coins produces by the mint are created as limited edition minting runs and are keenly sort by investors and collectors to add to their portfolios.   Themes …


Pink Diamond Bracelets

Argyle Pink Diamond Bracelets Argyle Pink Diamonds ~ The Perth Mint The mystique of pieces produced by Argyle Pink Diamonds from the Kimberley Argyle diamond mines are the extremely rare pink diamonds which  are the rarest of diamonds along with the even rarer blue or violet diamond from the same mine region. ‘Argyle pink diamonds, produced at …

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_PM-White Diamond and Gold Nugget Pendant

Soklich Jewellery

Soklich Argyle Diamond Jewellery     ‘On one of the hottest January days of the summer of 1954, the Soklich family arrived on the shores of Fremantle. Weeks earlier, they were living high in the Slovenian Alps where temperatures were often well below -10˚C.’ After arriving in Perth the Soklich family almost immediately became involved …