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Silver coins minted in Australia

Perth Mint Year Dragon


Perth Mint Year ~ Dragon – Lunar Series Coin Program The dragon is the most popular Zodiac animal in the Perth Mint Lunar series.  The 2012 issue captures the majesty of the Chinese traditional mythical creature. With more than 2 million requests originally received by the Perth Mint and the total mintage of only 300,000 coins …

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2016 Perth Mint Kangaroo


A Special 2016 Perth Mint Kangaroo Released by The Perth Mint Australia Australian Kangaroo 2016 Silver 1 Oz Coin The Perth Mint 2016 Australian Kangaroo coin release was eagerly anticipated and it features a profile view design by Stuart Devlin of a Great Red kangaroo hopping that evokes memories of the pre-decimal era penny, hopping …

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2016 Kangaroo Silver Coin


2016 Kangaroo Silver Coin Releases This year, 2016 Kangaroo Silver Coin issues from the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint has seen some special new designs –  and a very special limited coin release from  the Perth Mint Australia. Early Appearances of the Kangaroo – Australian Silver Coins The Australian kangaroo is THE most universally …

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Australian Kilo Silver Coin


Australian Kilo Silver Coin are part of Major Theme Editions  The kilo silver coin is produced by the Royal Australian Mint and The Perth Mint Australia and adds a major coin weight to a series that is attractive to some investors.  Stand alone 1 kilo coins are also minted The Australian kilo silver coin is a weight/size …

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