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Silver coins have been minted in England and the British Empire for hundreds of years and were the standard for high value coinage until the change from the silver standard to the gold standard in 1816.

After 1816 the gold sovereign was introduced and silver coinage under the new gold value standard was relegated to a token value status due to the value of the silver in the coins being much less than the face value of the coins.

Silver coins in this period were produced as the silver crown, half-crown, shilling and sixpence.

The silver groat with a value of 4d was reintroduce for a short period from 1836 to 1856 to be edged out of use by the reintroduction of the threepence coin in 1848

The silver florin was added in 1849 being valued at 24d or two shillings.  


Edward VII 1904 de Saulles design silver Florin

In 1902 the silver florin under the reign of Edward the VII was given a new beautiful design by George William de Saulles which bears a striking similarity in thematic appearance to the current silver Britannia design being produced today as a bullion coin.

In 1915 the silver crown was withdrawn and silver coinage  was gradually reduced in fineness of silver or silver content from 1920 onwards, from Sterling (92.5{c15801dc19f75fb112c224a55bdf50565864d5abd61b63918998267c650acc60}) to 50{c15801dc19f75fb112c224a55bdf50565864d5abd61b63918998267c650acc60} silver content from 1947 onwards.  

Further simplification of the coinage in use occurred through the ’50s and ’60s leading up to decimilization of British coinage in 1971 after which no coins were used in circulation with either silver or gold content.

Silver and gold coins produced by The Royal Mint and its sister minting facilities in the British Commonwealth today are now produced for collectors and investors as bullion coins, not for general circulation, and sold above the face value of the coin in line with the value of the metal content and value as a limited minting collectors item.

Notes and images used with thanks and courtesy of ‘A Short History of British Coins’

British Silver Coins

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