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This page features gold coins minted in Britain or produced for British territories that are available on Amazon.

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Edward III Gold Leopard

The first minting of  gold coinage by the English Crown was under royal proclamation in 1344 by King Edward III with the introduction of the Florin or Double-Leopard, Leopard and Helm. These coins were created in 1343 by two Florentine engravers, from which the word Florin is derived. These first gold coins produced by the Crown were not a success due to being overvalued for their weight in gold. 


Edward III Gold Noble

In 1345 King Edward tried again, introducing the gold Noble which proved to be the first popularly successful English minted gold coin.  After this the Florin or Double-Leopard and Leopard were withdrawn in the same year.

Later gold coinage was also successful and various coins were produced under different monarchs in different periods.

In 1816 a major change occurred in Britain with the shift from the silver standard to the gold standard for coinage. This change introduced the production of the gold sovereign coinage, half sovereign, 2 pound and 5 pound coins.


Original Pistrucci British Gold Sovereign design

From 1817 to 1917 The sovereign was produced as a 22 carat, 8 gram coin and has been maintained at this standard ever since. Sovereigns were then also produced in 1925 and 1957 onwards.  The design depicting Saint George killing the dragon by Benedetto Pistrucci for the 1817 design is still used today with few alterations.

Other production of gold sovereigns was carried out in different colonial locations such as Australia, India, South Africa and Canada with recent 21st Century production in commonwealth countries other than Britain, notably India. 

Introduction of the Britannia bullion coin occurred in 1987. Produced at the Royal Mint, Britannia coins are minted in 1 oz, 1/2  oz, 1/4 os and  1/10 oz coins.

Notes and images used with thanks and courtesy of ‘A Short History of British Coins’

British Gold Coins

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