Affiliate disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

The website is a review and information site that is designed to give information for educational purposes. We may receive compensation from various companies whose services we review and recommend or products we may suggest. We are independent of any companies or businesses we are affiliated with to promote their services and receive no other benefits other than compensation for a referral, should they decide to become a customer. As such the opinions expressed on this website are wholly our own and may not reflect those of our sponsor(s).

Affiliate relationships are vital to our ability to offset the costs of running and promoting this website. We strive to present professional and valuable information for our visitors, and we value your patronage!

At this time, affiliate sponsorship relationships are the only revenue source our site has and  it is needed to keep this site running. For example, we do not use a donation system to cover the monthly or annual cost of keeping this website going.

The basic idea of how this works is: If our site refers an interested person to our sponsor’s site, and that person then decides to become a customer/client of the affiliate, we are paid for referring the customer/client. This payment does not in anyway uniquely affect the cost of the service or product the sponsor is offering in terms of the price they have set for the service or product and were the customer/client to buy the service or product by offline contact, the price would be the same.  It’s a simple referral method, very much like similar arrangements you’d find in the “offline” world, not unlike going to a supermarket to buy a brandname product rather than going to the factory or warehouse door of the producer where the producer will still sell at the standard advertised price set for the market.

By the same token, we are not paid in any way, shape or form for basic “traffic” that uses a sponsors site but does not engage in any purchase activity.  We receive absolutely no compensation unless our visitor’s decide to engage with the  sponsor on a customer/client level to make a purchase online.

Our current Affiliate Relationships include:

Perth Mint
Most, if not all, links from our site to our sponsor’s site contain our affiliate ID in the link, which is (install)

For example, a basic affiliate link address is shown here: (to install). The affiliate id number can be seen at the end, though other code in letters that identifies where the clicked link was located on a page might follow after the 4 digits. When the Regal Assets page is opened, the link maybe shortened to ‘(Install)‘ and appear in green with the padlock security symbol. If you want to see the full link address, including the affiliate number, simply click on the green title on the URL bar and the full address should appear in full for you, which is the address the Sponsor has registered with the affiliate number that identifies for our sponsor that a visitor came from our site.

This unique  number allows our sponsor to track that our site was responsible for sending traffic, and to credit us if any action takes place on their site that results in payment to Payments from the sponsor to the affiliate occurs primarily if a “sale” is made on the sponsors site.

To reconfirm: you can easily see our sponsor/affiliate link connection by looking for the designated number shown above which determines that the link is an affiliate link, and that we do receive compensation IF you become a customer of our sponsor through having arrived at the sponsor’s site via the link.

We do politely ask that if you found our site useful and helpful, please do use our affiliate link when you’re ready to consider an investment! There is no price differential to be gained otherwise and it is greatly appreciated that you use the link.

We are proud of our sponsor and really believe in their services, and compensation for referral really is our only way of keeping the doors open on this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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