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At  goldsilvercoinsandbullion.com  we will offer information or articles that are balanced between information for the collector or general buyer and other information that may be of more interest for the serious investor wishing to buy bullion with a view to wealth protection against inflation or adverse financial markets. In either case, the information is offered for educational purposes only.

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The user of this site must be aware that information must be seen as the opinion of the author and quoted commentators only and should not be taken solely as a reason to take any form of investment action if that is the purpose for the user wishing to buy coins or bullion.  Due diligence is always advised by checking other information sources and ultimately seeking professional advice from a registered investment advisor if the focus is for investment.  The owner of this site is not a registered investment advisor and commentators quoted may not be registered investment advisors either. Always proceed with any form of investment using caution.

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This site should be used and viewed as another information point in gathering information about the gold, silver coins and precious metals market and service providers who sell precious metals. It should be one of many sites a visitor goes to to get the best picture possible and the most detailed  information from many sources if they are

We are happy to provide a service with the information on this site and we hope it is useful and used sensibly.

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