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Welcome to Gold ~ Silver, Coins and Bulliongoldsilvercoinsandbullion_collector-coin-montage

Welcome to Gold ~ Silver, Coins and Bullion!

Gold and silver coins, as collectors items and bullion are available for the new enthusiast, the seasoned collector or those looking for a superb special gift that will grow in value. 

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_perthmintWe feature shopping at The Perth Mint site which offers a stunning collection of coins produced at the mint. Along gold, silver and platinum coins, unique to The Perth Mint, you will also find lots of ideas for gifts for any special occasion such as special jewellery with select items featuring the famous Argyle pink diamonds and Kailis Australian Pearls.



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Amazon pages offer a wide selection of coins in gold, silver and platinum. If you find a coin you want is sold out at The Perth Mint but you would still like to be able to buy one, or you are looking for coins from other mints, older coins and coins from any country, Amazon has literally hundreds of pages of coins listings available from dozens of dealers and sellers. You can browse the selection slides on this website in the Amazon pages.

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_RA-logoVisitors in the US can look at the Regal Assets pages. Regal assets specialises in bullion investment packages for retirement investment accounts – 401k, IRA – which can be established or modified to incorporate coins and bullion bars. Regal are the number 1 US trusted specialist for roll-over of an existing IRA account to include bullion assets. Basic advice is that a balanced retirement portfolio should include bullion as a minimum 10{c15801dc19f75fb112c224a55bdf50565864d5abd61b63918998267c650acc60} of account value.

goldsilvercoinsandbullion_free-shipping-$400Free insured shipping options are usually available for online purchases. Conditions may apply based on the order value and your location. A Discount may also be available on a listed price and a reasonable offer on a price can always be made to see if the seller maybe prepared to sell at a lower price. 

If you have any questions about purchases and shipment to your part of the world – please do ask.

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The Perth Mint Gold and Silver Coin Releases for 2016

New releases from The Perth Mint each month are listed below. Most recent first.

We hope you enjoy browsing!


Australian Gold Coins

Perth Mint Year Dragon

Australian Kangaroo

2016 Perth Mint Kangaroo

2016 Kangaroo Silver Coin

Lunar Year Coins

Perth Mint Year Dragon

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